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Corrupted AKC Pedigrees in Akitas, Bulldogs, Kuvasz, Samoyeds, Shelties...


Documented, detailed cases of American Kennel Club Stud Book corruption; first-hand evidence provided by AKC judges, employees, Federal Court convictions, and dog breeders.


These stud book corruption examples represent many of the most respected names in the sport.  Lofranco documents simple AKC mistakes compounded by egregious cover-up in Kuvasz.  Incontrovertible mitochondrial DNA evidence ignored in Samoyeds.  AKC judge reports pedigree and stud book fraud but even when the puppy-mill perpetrator was convicted and sentenced in Federal Court, AKC still refused to correct the bulldog stud book.


Why?  Because, as in the international Akita scandal and the Banchory Sheltie case (we have hard copy on each case), correction would have led to cancelled registrations and crippling of the cash cow. It should be noted that the Mexican Kennel Club (Federacion Canofila Mexicana) under President Thelma Von Thaden (also an AKC judge), expunged the studbook and cancelled the fake Akita registrations.  The American Kennel Club refused to do anything.  In a similar Akita case, Canada (CKC) cancelled an entire litter but again, AKC refused to correct the stud book or cancel the fraudulent AKC registrations.


Pedigree fraud is rampant in the AKC stud bookWarning:  If you prefer the ostrich position, read no further. If you are ready to confront that which you've only heard about, then c’mon down the path of disillusionment because at the end, there’s truth in the bright light of exposure, and in truth, there is hope. 


These cases were chosen because they are well aged, well-fought documentation of stud book fraud which AKC refused to correct.  Prominent among them is the Saltzmans who as prominent judges, forced AKC to purge the Sheltie stud book after the Banchory business got out. 


TheDogPress files contain many acidic examples of bloodline corruption.  Such cases have been kept secret from the dog fancy but in light of AKC's puppy mill deals, we have decided to release this coverage. Our position is simple.  Stud book/pedigree fraud erodes all that the American Kennel Club once was and claims to be today.


Whereas at one time the American Kennel Club faced huge logistical problems in cancelling non-existent litters and recalling registrations in order to correct stud book fraud, that excuse has not been valid since AKC became computerized in the 90s and following which, canine DNA was perfected.


Show breeders invest their lives, money and hearts to uphold the value of an AKC pedigree, the genetic superiority of the purebred dog, and their own bloodline.   Show and hobby breeders are much more than “cash cows” as AKC calls us.  It is we who elevate the AKC Stud Book, thus enabling the American Kennel Club to market its name, shows, products, and registry services which produce well over $100,000,000 per year in tax-free income.


TheDogPress.com broke the story on AKC's PRIME registration deal with the international Petland pet shops.  As an Insider, you will agree that AKC must return to its values or become "just another puppy mill registry."  Learn why the American Kennel Club steadfastly resisted DNA even after UKC (United Kennel Club) implemented it's use.


Get all the details on the AKC judge who presented irrefutable evidence that her male, the son of Jean Heatherington's all-time top winning Bulldog, was fraudulently and repeatedly listed as the litter sire on puppy mill puppies.  Talk about irony!  Jean was AKC's registration department manager and yet she absolutely had no knowledge of the fraud.  Fortunately her bloodline is so beloved and valued that she survived the scandal but it should be noted that it was bulldog fanciers, not the AKC that notified the FBI and brought the perpetrator to justice and a long term in the Federal penitentiary.


Learn what AKC did when an officer of the Samoyed Club Of America reported litters being registered from a spayed bitch.  How many owners were defrauded and how many unknowingly compounded a genetic mess by breeding those Sammys?  We'll never know because the American Kennel Club clammed up.


Follow the shocking case of a prominent Canadian who pursued charges with AKC because her top winning Kuvasz was supposedly siring AKC litters that she knew nothing about and for which she refused to sign litter registrations.  Those dogs are/were allowed to stand in the AKC Stud Book and produce generations of fraudulent Kuvasz.


These in-depth reports generated so many more complaints about stud book fraud that we had to make a new section.  If you have documentation on stud book or litter registration fraud, set the record straight!  Email Editor@TheDogPress.com.


Subscribe TODAY for Insider Access to TheDogPress!If you think pedigree/genetic corruption isn't a widespread problem, Click the INSIDER icon and unlock the truth.  You've heard whispers but as an Insider, you get irrefutable facts and the exclusive "rest of the story" you can't get anywhere else. $29 buys you a full year of invaluable research, Archives Access, including the only source for Suspension and Discipline records, and much more Insider information.


Insiders have full access to all files, including over a decade of AKC Minutes, Discipline, and Suspensions (available nowhere else).  The webmaster says save this page to your Favorites list, adding your login and password.  That little trick saves brain-strain if you use a different login and PW for different sites.


You have the key to Insider Access for the inside story at TheDogPress.comIf you now have the key, click any link below or go the the Insider indexBe patient, it takes a minute for the News Hound to sniff you out and verify your key. Then, Breeder, Attorney, or researcher, you have full access to Insider Information, including the Stud Book Fraud coverage below.


Start here for exclusive, detailed coverage of fake "certified" pedigrees...

Brief Summaries of Pedigree and Stud Book Fraud

then get disgusting details on

Pedigree Fraud: Sheltie, Dalmatian, Pointers, Basenji, etc.

and this AKC Judge, Bulldog breeder goes on the record, puts one offender in prison.

Pedigree Fraud Bulldogs

Then Ms. Addamo’s extensive documentation and AKC's refusal to correct the Sammy stud book.

Pedigree Fraud Samoyed

Internationally famous Kuvasz breeder proves her complaint; AKC refuses to act.

Pedigree Fraud Kuvasz

Puppy Mill "pick your sire" papers, AKC rejects DNA but Mastiff pedigrees stand...

Pedigree Fraud Mastiff

Suppose a puppy mill ads your kennel name to sell more dogs...

AKC Allows Name Changes

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