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Here is extensive evidence of collusion between Andrew Hunte of Hunte Corp. and the non-profit American Kennel Club to promote world-wide AKC registrations for puppy mill puppies.


In 1991, Andrew Hunte incorporated his mass production dog breeding business in order to provide dog brokers and pet shops ... "with the happiest, healthiest purebred and designer hybrid puppies available."


USDA Inspectors stretched too thin to cover puppy mills, especially Hunte Corp dog breedersBy 2000 USDA had loaned Hunte Corp. over $4 Million Dollars.  That's right, your tax dollars helped expand the Hunte Puppy Mill Empire with (ii =short instant information  ii USDA guaranteed loans.  Viet Nam veterans deserved the assistance they received from the USDA even though it encouraged and set them up into puppy farming.  Harder to accept is federal money Hunte Corporation received under the ii USDA’s Rural Development program.


At the same time we're told ii USDA Is Stretched Too Thin to inspect Puppy Mills  This may or may not reflect Hunte Corps’ cozy relationship with the USDA.


2001 The Secret Hunte/AKC Meeting {Ref #1 *Insider} reveals a lot more than the scheduled Missouri meeting between Hunte Corp, The World’s Largest Puppy Mill and AKC, The World’s Largest Dog Registry.  You might re-think how you've been taught to sell a puppy.


2002, ii AKC Announces the High Volume Breeder (HVB) Committee.  Their job was to justify the puppy mill registrations AKC had always depended on and in retrospect, to prepare “responsible” breeders for the already-in-the-works Petland Contract. The HVB Committee produced glowing reports on the “wonderful facilities” and “modern methods” employed by "commercial breeders".


The AKC’s High Volume Breeder Committee, chaired by AKC Board Member Patti Strand, went diligently about their assigned task which was as we see it, to wash the dirt off puppy mills, polish up the concept and convince the dog fancy that it really needed “high volume” breeders because WE could not meet the public demand for high quality puppies. ii The Good Breeder Myth.  HVB Committee members enthused about the Hunte operations in the dog magazines and of course, at kennel clubs and dog shows across the country. "Lets Support The Puppy Mills"{Ref #2} describes All Breed Judge Denny Kodner’s praise for Hunte’s facilities and practices.


AKC Board member Patti Strand, creator of NAIA, lost many supporters as chairperson of the HVBC.  Not to worry, NAIA has so far received at least $50,000 in contributions from AKC.  The AKC campaign was however successful and things went quiet on Hunte Corp and puppy mills for a few years.  We were about to learn why.


2006 AKC Board Minutes reveal AKC sold us out to Petland{Ref #3} that resulted in short-lived Delegate outrage.  (AKC delegates know their place.)  Perhaps we should mention that AKC’s Contract With Petland{Ref #4} vastly profited the Hunte Corp which by then was contracted to supply the majority of Petland produce.


Breeders who smelled a rat stealing buyers for their carefully bred and nurtured puppies, kept their mouths shut or left the AKC system.  Andrew Hunte and his puppy-producing / retail distribution network continued to grow and prosper.  Even so, loss of show breeders and the desertion of the puppy mills who formed their own registry brought a precipitous drop in registrations from over 1,500,000 in 1992 to less than half that (only 870,192) by 2006. Contrary to AKC claims, “the economy” was booming in 2006.


Indisputably the American Kennel Club’s marketing campaign had paid off. Serious show campaigners shut up about Andrew Hunte and AKC’s treacherous alliance with the puppy mills.  The subject became taboo. Dog publications feared retaliation and breeders feared AKC’s Investigations and Inspections department.  Everyone except TheDogPress.com shrugged their shoulders about Petland and Hunte and went silent.

In 2008 we ran a minor story on the Hunte-AKC Alliance{Ref #5} because we found it interesting that the new Hunte Corp. VP in charge of “Breeder Support” was none other than Doug Hughes who had twice been convicted of animal cruelty. The former operator of DoBoTri Kennels registered dogs with AKC before he went to work for Hunte Corp. What was interesting was that we could find no record that AKC ever suspended Hughes for those multiple cruelty convictions.


Also in 2008 we revealed that AKC Registers Unregistered Dogs {Ref #6} in a clever move to regain the puppy mills market - and all those paperless pets? And in 2009 the fancy didn’t bat an eye about the ii multiple lawsuits filed against Petland, Inc, Hunte Kennel Systems, and Hunte Delivery Systems, Inc.  The dog magazines stayed mum about the lawsuits but word leaked out through TheDogPlace.org Projects and other sources tracking Hunte and Petland.


There was also AKC Registry Redacted{Ref #7}10 questions sent to AKC re new registration rules and procedures.  Of course AKC didn't actually respond but TheDogPress.com readers certainly did!


There is little doubt that Hunte's massive trucking distribution to the Petland pet shop chain contributed to the AKC's 2009 development of the pet shop puppy inventory software program called PRIME.  By 2010, it had all come together. The long love affair between the world’s largest puppy producing facility and the world’s largest registry was aexposed when TheDogPress.com broke the story on AKC Puppy Mill PRIME Software and for Insiders, PRIME For Inventory And  Registration Software.  Your increase in registration fees paid for that.

The Hunte Puppy Mill saga would not be complete if we failed to include the following coverage which makes no bones about the relationship between AKC and Hunte Corp.


As a columnist for the Canine Chronicle, I covered The Hershey Case, revealing that AKC had known about the “black market in blue slips” for decades. AKC is aware of but apparently powerless to prevent registration fraud, as is reported in "Intentional FTC Consumer Fraud" (no longer available) released by akcethics.org


We owe it all to Hunte Corp, the world's largest puppy mill.  Perhaps we should also give some crumbs of credit to the American Kennel Club, the world's largest dog registry.  And let's not forget Petland, the world's largest puppy mill produce distributor, now an international marketer of "AKC Registered" puppies.


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