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Why is AKC placing adverts on the High Volume Breeders Committee in Redbook, Oprah, Country Living, and Good Housekeeping magazines?


October 9, 2002

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief, SAAB


Chairperson Patti Strand tells us the committee will be ready to present its findings to the AKC Board in early November. She points out "We're doing more than ever before and we're addressing more problems than ever before. It's should therefore be totally understandable that we're going to make more mistakes, seem more controversial, and frankly scare people. Change, even when it's for the better is scary."


There will be a lot to chew on then and I predict that once the lid is off the stew, we’ll find it delicious. The committee is comprised of breeders who did not suddenly cease caring about dogs and the future of the sport just because they went to work for the American Kennel Club. (Remember Jimmy Carter whose best intentions were swept away by Congress and the House.) The point is, the HVBC are friends we’ve known for many years and they have already had a positive influence on AKC Board thinking.


So while we’re waiting for the committee’s report, we can occupy ourselves with a plethora of Specialty shows this month. October is a great time of year and most parent clubs make good use of the four big weekends that herald the arrival of pumpkins and goblins. All the terrier folk will be gathering in Pennsylvania for the Montgomery County Kennel Club. Let’s pray for good weather because it ain’t always so. The parking is mostly on asphalt (no hookups) but the rings can and often are, boot-high in mud. A couple of years ago it was a he-man contest with Bill and all the other guys carrying dogs to ringside. One guy had a compliant AmStaff in a fireman’s carry. He had to set the spotless dog down in 5” of yuck at the ring entrance. Didn’t matter, the judges were also soaked and cold and covered in mud but being terrier people, they “made do” quite nicely.


The competition will be as feisty and fierce as the dogs and their handlers. Some say “the fur’s gonna fly” but nah, I think not. Most of the dogs are stripped by now…


December 12th, 2002 there’s the AKC/Eukabuba Classic and the Breeder Of The Year. They changed the rule to afford eligibility to breeders who could not attend and that’s a good thing. So many of our best breeders are now on up in years or unable to go to Orlando. The intent is that it’s an exciting yearly award for those breeders who have contributed so much but who may not now be breeding.


Barbara "BJ" Andrews BioAfter sweltering drought, finally some rain and cool weather around the corner. I think the dogs already know. Somehow predators and primitive breeds seem to know game will be scarce after a drought or during a hard winter; dens may flood from heavy snows or early thaws, etc. Surely there have been scientific studies on this? The domestic canine would be an excellent subject, they could just ask breeders... especially those who are planning on a Sweeps or Futurity pup for next year! EST 2002 © #021012111703


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